"Land of Plenty" New Song Out Now

My new song "Land of Plenty" is out today, along with a beautiful visualizer created by Sam Tudor. From the new album Stolen Time, out April 22, 2022 on Outside Music.

I'm proud of how this one turned out. It's a simple song about the hopes and hardships of starting a new life -- inspired in part by my own family's legacy of fleeing the old country as immigrants and refugees, as well as today's ongoing (and worsening) migrant crises. I wrote it a few years back but never quite had a recording or arrangement I was happy with, and wasn't sure if I'd attempt it for this album. We ended up capturing a stripped-down performance in the studio in a couple of live takes, with just vocals and electric guitar, then added some layers of nautical-sounding antique pump organ and accordion. It's one of my favourite songs on the new album (or any of my albums, I think).