New Video :: New Album :: New Year

Greetings and happy winter solstice holidays. In these dark times, I bring you a new noir video dreamscape, in vivid greyscale, with thrilling live puppets and animation. I want to thank all the collaborators who put so much thought and work into this project:

Directed by Ian Frigon and Christopher Godziuk. Puppetry by Christopher Godziuk. Filming and Editing by Ian Frigon. Building assistant and 2nd puppeteer for flying sequences #2&9: Céline Cardineau. Tree design and 2nd puppeteer for flying sequences #1,3&4 - Leigh Kotsilidis. 2nd puppeteer for spinning wheel sequence - Glen Williamson. Cloak costumes - Jessica Rae Alley. Little girl - Emerald Skye Lukidis.

Made in Montreal, 2016. 

Music by Abigail Lapell, featuring Benjamin Hermann, Rachael Cardiello and Joe Ernewein. Produced by Chris Stringer. 

My new album HIDE NOR HAIR comes out JANUARY 20, 2017 in CD, VINYL and DIGITAL on COAX RECORDS/OUTSIDE.  

Have a safe and happy new year everybody.